We are Preserving Families by advocating to keep families together.  


The purpose of Preserving Families is to keep children in their families of origin by providing support and guidance for biological families who are committed to caring for their children, but are at-risk of abandonment or trafficking due to financial and societal challenges. We believe the best option for the long-term care of any child is within a thriving, healthy family. 


Preserving Families includes support through Family Preservation; although we provide exceptional, family-style care in a safe and nurturing environment, we view our Children’s Villages as the best, last resort for children in crisis. Preserving Families also includes Reunification Care; we celebrate the re-unification of children with their biological families. 

Our Preserving Families Programs

Crisis Response Fund

This program is designed to raise funds for families that Hands and Feet Project supports in times of crisis. Unlike our c...

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Family Preservation & Support

Family Preservation & Support (ages 0-18) This program is designed to advocate for keeping families together by provi...

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Reunification Care & Support

Reunification Care & Support (ages 0-18) This program is for children who have been placed back into their home of or...

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