Providing Families For Vulnerable Children

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you." John 14:18


Did You Know?

Across the world, children are often placed in orphanages without considering other preventative measures, such as assessing the needs of a family and directing them to the resources they need to provide for their children. Because of this issue, children are more likely to be orphaned.


The Challenge?

Unfortunately, even when all the appropriate family preservation measures have been taken some children are still orphaned and need residential care. Once in an orphanage, children who are under the guardianship of an organization must receive high quality care until the time that they transition into independence and community interdependence.


Our Solution?

In lieu of a traditional orphanage set up, we have established a Children’s Village comprised of Children’s Homes, so that we can provide family-style, residential care for each child that is placed at Hands & Feet Project. We provide holistic care for these children and assume complete responsibility for their wellbeing. Through our holistic Circle of Care approach to childcare, we provide physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual care in a family-style setting where children live, sleep, eat, and play under the supervision of a caregiver.



 Child Sponsorship FAQs

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