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Todies Classroom - Fully Sponsored

Todies Classroom

Place Grand Goave

Project Little Hands Daycare

This Little Hands Classroom is designed for infants ages 0-18 months and currently serves 10 families in our community. We create a safe space for these vulnerable infants by providing free, high quality childcare while parents are working or supporting special needs children. Our Little Hands Classrooms allow the mother and/or father to maintain their job, provide for their family, and allow their young children to start learning at an early age, while most importantly being exposed to the gospel. In every classroom our teachers use the Montessori method of teaching which allows each child the freedom to explore the world around them. In this classroom, the children learn basic shapes, colors, and music among many other things which help stimulate their cognitive, emotional, and physical development. We equip our staff with the resources and skills to help every child reach their full potential. We believe giving children this opportunity will build a better tomorrow in Haiti by helping families stay together, assisting in job creation, and increasing the opportunity for early education.