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Dove Daycare

Place Jacmel

Project Little Hands Daycare

Our Dove Daycare is a haven for little hearts, comprising two classrooms tailored for infants (0-18 months) and toddlers (18-36 months). Currently, we proudly serve 20 families within the Perspective Nouvelle comm 

Dedicated to creating a safe haven, our daycare offers free, high-quality childcare catering to vulnerable children as their parents work or support special needs siblings. We understand the importance of maintaining a balance between work and family, and our Dove Daycare provides a supportive environment where parents can secure their jobs while fostering the early learning journey of their young ones.

 At Dove Daycare, we integrate the Montessori teaching method, empowering each child to explore and understand the world around them. In the 0-18 months classroom, we focus on shaping young minds through basic shapes, colors, and music, stimulating cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Our dedicated staff, equipped with resources and skills, ensures every child reaches their full potential.

 For toddlers in the 18-36 months classroom, each day is a vibrant blend of music, basic writing skills, puzzles, and outdoor play. We instill a sense of responsibility as they learn to assist with daily tasks, including meal preparation and cleanup. Our commitment to providing resources and skills remains unwavering, with the belief that offering these opportunities paves the way for a brighter tomorrow in Haiti. By keeping families together, contributing to job creation, and enhancing early education opportunities, Dove Daycare is shaping a future full of promise.