We are Restoring Survivors by partnering with anti-trafficking organizations and local authorities on rescue operations, while also providing respite care solutions to those that need placed in an Aftercare Program.  

Our Purpose

The purpose of Restoring Survivors is to establish a safe and stable environment for survivors through rescue, restoration, and community reintegration.

Our Programs

Aftercare Program: This is a 9 month-2 year program designed to provide a safe and stable living environment to survivors who have been rescued from the human trafficking industry. Just like our other programs, girls who are placed in our Aftercare Program will be placed with us through Haiti's child welfare department. HAFP staff and caregivers will provide support and advocacy as the girls seek to transition from a past life controlled by abuse into a life of healthy relationships and independence. Each survivor will start an intensive therapy program, receiving therapy several times a week. They will also receive life skills training, including daily living skills, budget and money management, nutrition, decision making and goal planning, and educational development. Survivors ages 10-17 will be placed in this program.

Rescue Support Team (RST): The RST helps facilitate placement for rescued survivors after a raid is conducted by BPM (Brigade for the Protection of Minors), in accordance with IBESR (Haiti's Social Services). The role of the RST is to provide immediate interaction, care, and planning for each survivor immediately after a rescue operation.

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